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space in Tricity to nearly 50% in Krakow, and the percentage Over recent years, partly because of great demand from
will increase together with projected employment growth Polish and international investors from the BPO/SSC, IT and
in the sector, and the opening of other business services R&D sectors for the highest class modern office buildings,
centres in Poland. in each of regional cities we can find at least several A-class
projects representing the highest global quality, which
In comparison to the capital city, the regional cities allow were completed in the last five years or are currently being
investors to generate savings from lower labour costs while developed.
offering a large supply of well-qualified employees and tax
incentives in special economic zones. Asking rents in A-class Developers compete strongly amongst themselves not only
and B-class buildings in most major regional cities range in terms of location or rent exemptions. Environmental
from 8.5 to 15/sq m/month. awareness of tenants is causing an increasing emphasis
to be placed on energy-efficient buildings, water savings,
Increasing developers’ activity has been observed reduction of heat production and loss, and operating
in Poland over previous years and the trend is going to be costs optimization. LEED or BREEAM certificates are
continued due to the growing amount of entities choosing standard in the majority of new A-class projects, while the
Poland as the location for their investments. The Polish owners of older schemes are also trying to retro-certify,
real estate market is currently in an exceptionally dynamic or at least implement some green solutions on the occasion
development phase with 1.7M sq m under construction. of modernization of existing buildings.
According to developer’s schedules, nearly 863,000 sq m
of office space is due to be delivered in 2017.

Ever improving quality of office space goes hand in hand
with the growing expectations of tenants.


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Total stock: Total stock: Total stock:
546,000 sq m* 443,300 sq m 397,500 sq m

Offices under Offices under Offices under
construction: construction: construction:
44,400 sq m 98,000 sq m 152,500 sq m

Asking rents: Asking rents: Asking rents:
EUR 8-14.5/sq m/month EUR 9-15.5/sq m/month EUR 9-13.5/sq m/month

* Katowice (metropolis)
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